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10 Most Important Things to Know Before Moving to North Carolina

Are you thinking about moving to North Carolina? Well, buckle up because The Christy Allen Team is going to let you in on some important aspects of NC! In no particular order, these are the top 10 things that we believe are most important to NC.


Ever heard of “southern charm”? Well, the people in North Carolina have plenty of it! People all over the state will treat you like a friend that they have known for years by showing you kindness and exposing you to “front porch philosophy” – some of us tend to sit in rocking chairs with others and talk about life – in a country accent. I promise you that the friendliness never gets old, and soon, your community will become your friends.


Here in North Carolina, our weather is known to be…unpredictable. It can be sunny and 60 degrees one second, and then snowing and 30 degrees the next. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it eventually, just be sure to have an umbrella, a coat, and an ice scraper handy in your car! Really though, we do experience all four seasons. Winters are cold, well maybe cold for southerners, and we do sometimes get a little snow. Be warned, once a chance of snow is announced, EVERYONE will go to a store and get milk and bread…I wish this was a myth, but it is the truth so make sure you never run out of the essentials! The springtime is really nice in NC. All of the beautiful flowers and trees bloom to create amazing landscapes, each landscape being completely different from the next. The summertime is warm and is often a little humid, but you can easily cool off by going to one of our many lakes or the coast! The fall has very mild temperatures, and the mountains are extra beautiful during this time with the leaves changing to bright reds and oranges. In other words, you get to enjoy each season without going from one extreme to another!


North Carolina has one of the most beautiful, unique landscapes in the country. Not only do we have mountains, but we also have the piedmont and the coast! No matter where you live in NC, you can enjoy all of what nature has to offer! While in NC you can drive up to the mountains to go for a hike, explore a city, enjoy rolling hills or flat farmland, have a lake/river day, and even take a vacation at the beach. The choices in North Carolina are ENDLESS and you can expect to have a great time no matter what journey you decide to take!

Melting Pot

In the past few years, people from all over the country, even the world, have been moving to North Carolina. In fact, people probably are moving here for the same reasons that I am telling you about now because NC is just that cool. People especially flock to our larger cities, such as: Charlotte (the should be capitol), Raleigh (the actual capitol), Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville. Wilmington, etc. Why these cities? Well, I’ll cover that in the next two sections, but first, let’s talk about the cool culture of North Carolina. Of course, you have the southern flavor in the pot, but we also have many other flavors mixed in thanks to our new community members. The melting pot of NC is one truly of a kind!

Unique Cities

Now, let’s talk about those cities I mentioned earlier, shall we? Our biggest, and quickest growing city is none other than the Queen City herself, Charlotte. No matter what you enjoy, you can find it in Charlotte. If you like art, you would love NoDa in Charlotte. If you like recreation, the National Whitewater Center isn’t far away. If you like professional sports, Charlotte is home to two professional sports teams. If you like parks, Charlotte has countless parks in and around the city for you and your family to enjoy. If you like traffic, well maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but it is a growing city after all so a little traffic is to be expected. What I’m getting at is Charlotte has it ALL!

Let’s switch our attention to the actual capitol of the state, Raleigh (if you meet someone from this area, they will definitely make sure you know Raleigh is the capitol, not Charlotte). Again, Raleigh has pretty much everything Charlotte has: good food, professional sports, big business, traffic (sorry, I just really hate traffic), etc. Raleigh is still one of our larger cities, and it is still growing itself!

Another one of our more well-known cities is Asheville. Asheville is located on the western side of the state up in the mountains. This city has a unique, artsy, mountain culture that is hard to beat. Again, this is a city that has something that everyone can enjoy whether it be skiing, art, food, music, etc. It is also not too far away from one of my personal favorite cities, Boone. Boone is no Charlotte, but it has ski slopes that people travel to from everywhere in the country! It also has a smaller town feel with beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains. Asheville is a powerful city on its own, but with Boone by its side, they are the most popular two cities in the NC mountains.

Ever heard of One Tree Hill? Yeah, this popular 2000s show was filmed in the city of Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is a growing beach town with a booming film industry; this city has been the filming location of more movies than I can count… literally so MANY movies. Wilmington has one of the biggest film industries in the country, no lie. So, walking along the city streets, you could very well spot a location of one of your favorite movie scenes. Also, the beaches in Wilmington are clean and beautiful year-round. Also, in Historic Downtown Wilmington, there are a bunch of small businesses that will soon become your absolute favorite places to go in the world because of their great food, drinks, products, and services. Also, another great feature for you doughnut lovers out there, their Krispy Kreme’s hot light is ALWAYS on, I’m not joking.


Now let’s get down to business… get it? Anyway, North Carolina actually has a lot of big business all over the state! Businesses like Lowe’s, Bojangles’s, Duke Energy, Belk, Pepsi, Food Lion, Bank of America all call NC home. In fact, Charlotte is the second largest banking capitol in America! Also, don’t forget about the Wilmington filming industry and the farming industry across the state! So, there are a plethora of opportunities around the state in banking, retail, technology, farming, etc. Whether you want to work in a skyscraper, a factory, or a farm, North Carolina has something for you! As our cities and industries continue to grow rapidly, more opportunities are developing every day. So, what are you waiting for?!


Now, sports in North Carolina aren’t a hobby, they are a lifestyle. We are home to the biggest college rivalry in history with Duke and UNC (you WILL be judged by what side you pick, and before you ask, you MUST pick a side; I’m sure that must be in some NC legal documents somewhere). We also have professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, NWSL, NHL, and the MLS (Charlotte FC coming soon). As I mentioned before, our collegiate sports cannot be topped either. So, if you are a sports fan, there is no better place to be than NC!


We talked a little bit about North Carolina universities in the previous section, but our colleges are so good that we have to give them their own section. People from all over the globe travel to NC to pursue their education, and students have plenty of great choices to choose from: UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, Wake Forest University, NC State University, Davidson College, UNC Charlotte, App State, UNC Wilmington, East Carolina University, University of Asheville…the list goes on and on. No matter where you are in NC, you’re only a drive away from a beautiful, quality university.

Cost of Living

Now, let’s talk money. North Carolina’s cost of living is quite affordable, especially if you are moving from the western or northern parts of the country. The real estate market in particular is very appealing because of the very low taxes in comparison to the rest of the country. Really! A house here in NC can cost you around a third as much as a house in Boston (depending on the areas of course). So, if you are looking to move to North Carolina, you know who to call…The Christy Allen Team of course!

Food and Drinks

Last but not least, the FOOD and DRINKS! In North Carolina, we have a wide range of cuisines, but my personal favorite is comfort food. Bring on the fried chicken! Truly, if a food can be fried, you can find it in NC. We also have a lot of Italian, Mexican, Chinese, seafood, barbeque, etc. Some cities have more varieties than others, but you can guarantee that you can find some good cooking anywhere in NC. Also, North Carolina is home to hundreds of breweries including: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (OMB), Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Highland Brewing Company, etc. So, really you can’t go wrong while you are wining and dining in NC.

There you have it, 10 of the top things you need to know before moving to North Carolina! Are you thinking about moving here after seeing how AWESOME this state is? Well, then give The Christy Allen Team a call. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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